Welcome to Grk's web site!

A home page for coders

This home page containes a lots of useful classical documents, texts, sources, and links to interesting sites for computer programmers, and tutorials for the beginners and for low level programmers. I had tried to load up here the essence of the computer programming informations. All the documents are ready to download (zipped), so you can easily download that you need.
If you have newer versions of the documents, or you have other useful docs, or whatever, please send me an email to grk@freemail.c3.hu. Thank you!

This page's V3-URL is: get.to/grk. I got it for free at http://come.to

Hardware Optimizations
Interrupt lists Graphics
VGA, video cards Specifications
Network Modems
Sound CD-ROM
Algorithms Compress
Help programs Tutorials
Others Links

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